Candidate Case Study

Case study: Empowering a candidate's career progression by MAKING recruitment happen

The situationA hiring manager that I had worked with previously was being made redundant. After fifteen years in the same position with the same company, he had a choice to either move his young f

Case Study: Helping our client hire the right person and reduce time spent recruiting

The situationA long-term client of ours approached us to support them on a specific recruitment challenge. They were looking to urgently hire a QA Manager but during a global pandemic, time for ever

Case study: Helping a job seeker get back into work with gaps in their CV

The situation Gaps in your CV can make looking for your next job feel more daunting. Often, job seekers can feel pressured to take lower salaries or take a step backwards in order to get back on the c

Case study: Finding a candidate a new job before their redundancy began

The situation We got in touch with a job seeker that had recently been made redundant when his company had decided to close their research and development sites in the Netherlands. As a tenacious and

Case study: Departing from Dublin to Belgium

The situation Our candidate, a Dublin-based data manager, was working for a company located close to his home. He wanted to work for a leading pharmaceutical organisation and build on his project mana

Case study: Finding a new job after a mis-sold role

The situation It is frustrating when you start a new job, but it doesn’t live up to the vision you were sold throughout the interview process. We were approached by a job seeker who was experiencing e

Case study: Securing a homebased position for more work-life balance

The situation *Names have been changed to provide anonymity We worked with a biometrics job seeker, called Simon*, who was unhappy in his current permanent position at a CRO and wanted a new job that

Case study: Making the move from Barcelona to Basel

The situation Our Spanish candidate was living in Barcelona with his family and working for a small CRO as a clinical trial manager. We received a referral from one of his colleagues and as we were in

Case study: Moving from Milan to Frankfurt

The situation For over six years, our Italian-born candidate had been working for a small medical sciences organisation based just outside Milan as a statistical head of programming. She wanted to mov

Case Study - Working in the background to find the perfect job

The situation Like many of our network, one of our recent candidates was not actively seeking new employment when he came across Hobson Prior. Although happy with his current position, he would prefer

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