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Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Spotlight interview of women in life sciences with Maureen Deehan As part of our mission to empower the innovators of life sciences, our own executive biometrics recruitment consultant, Charlotte Me

5 more common interview mistakes and how to avoid them

With over two decades of recruiting experience in the life science industry, we have seen a few common mistakes that are made in interviews among candidates. As we receive the feedback from the hir

How to close a job interview successfully

When it comes to closing an interview successfully, lasting impressions are just as valuable as first impressions. It’s easy to get so focused on answering the interviewer’s questions, that you for

5 common interview mistakes and how to avoid them

Practice makes perfect First impressions matter when it comes to job interviews. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and make yourself memorable. 93% of people get nervous about intervie

How to answer interview questions confidently

Practice makes perfect When it comes to preparing for an interview, it is vital that you practice your answers. Even if you feel confident, it is common to get nervous in an interview, which can le

Case study: Empowering a candidate's career progression by MAKING recruitment happen

The situationA hiring manager that I had worked with previously was being made redundant. After fifteen years in the same position with the same company, he had a choice to either move his young f

Being a Woman in Leadership

STEM industries, like the life sciences industry, have a long-standing reputation of being male-dominated, as does recruitment. Whilst these industries are evolving and embracing more diversity, p

Delays in your recruitment process are causing candidates to drop out

For many roles within the life sciences, finding the most suitable candidate, who has the niche skillset and expertise required, can be a difficult and time-sensitive process. Companies invest time

What matters most to life sciences professionals?

The life sciences industry thrives on talented, highly skilled professionals. There is a high demand for candidates with niche skillsets and specialist expertise on a global scale. The recruitment ma

How to recover from redundancy

Losing your job is a frustrating and confusing time. Not only are you concerned about your career and financial future, but redundancy can have an impact on even the most skilled professional’s confi

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