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Case Study: Advancing a 9-month candidate search with 48 hour sourcing

Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Posted: 31/10/2019

The situation

A biometrics hiring manager who had previously used Hobson Prior to build his team recommended us to the director of a newly acquired company.

They had a niche biostatistician position that had been open for 9 months. None of the candidates sent by their internal talent acquisition team or other recruiters had been suitable so he approached us based on our track record as specialists in life sciences recruitment.

Hobson Prior solution

After talking with the new director and identifying his ideal candidate, we searched our database for skilled, local candidates with the niche experience required for this position.

Our recruiters add to this database on a daily basis. They are trained to proactively headhunt both active and passive job seekers to get a strong understanding of their skillsets and motivations.

We were able to source and submit a list of candidates that we had already screened for required skills, availability and compliance from our international talent searches. It is important to us that we only put forward relevant candidates.

Within 48 hours, we delivered our list of submissions for this niche position. One of the potential candidates was had previously expressed to us that he was looking for an opportunity at this specific company as part of his career plans.

The result

Having previously struggled to source candidates with relevant experience, the director had a choice of available contractors that had the specific skillsets required for the role. He invited two of the candidates to the final face-to-face interview stage.

Our recruiters briefed and prepared the candidates for their interviews and, the job was offered to the candidate that had approached Hobson Prior, specifically looking for opportunities at their company.

After 9 months of failing to fill the role, the director was thrilled to have such a rapid solution. We are proud to have been able to connect a job seeker with his ideal employer and deliver reliable service on what must have been a stressful initial process for our client.

Hobson Prior Interim Recruitment 

Our interim solutions are customised to ensure we provide you with fast delivery and high-quality candidates. You’ll also benefit from additional services to ensure efficient turnaround.

  • Local candidate pools
  • Same day search
  • International contractor support
  • Pre-assessed submissions
  • Full compliance and support

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