Interim recruitment solutions

By their nature, interim placements are time-sensitive. Hobson Prior offers cost-effective recruitment plans that boast rapid delivery to minimise the distractions and delays to your wider business aims.

We can help support your short notice hiring needs for:

  • A single hire for a position that needs filling, fast
  • Team hires across the business or for a specific project
  • Peaks in workload during development and rollout
  • Preparation of audits and preparing submission
  • Maternity or long-term illness cover
  • Niche permanent hire, during timely searches

Additional interim recruitment support

Our interim solutions are customised to ensure we provide you with fast delivery and high-quality candidates. You’ll also benefit from additional services to ensure efficient turnaround.

Local candidate pools

Immediate access to pools of qualified candidates around the world. Our recruiters build candidate pools around the world, especially in cities with a large life sciences presence, so we are already in touch with high-quality candidates within commuting distance to your business.

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Same day search

Receive a list of pre-screened and quality candidates with 24 hours. For urgent and time-sensitive positions, based on the complexity of the vacancy, utilising our vast database of international candidates.

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International contractor support

Full compliance and onboarding are covered by our contractor support team. With several years’ experience facilitating fast, efficient and compliant relocation of skilled professionals for contract placements overseas, we connect top talent with exciting placements across the world.

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Pre-assessed submissions

Speed should not compromise quality. As part of our proactive contractor development, we pre-screen all our contractors to confirm availability, eligibility to work and manage their rate and delivery expectations to minimise delays.

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Full compliance and support

As part of our end-to-end recruitment solutions, you’ll have full access to our contract recruitment support services, including:

With defined SLAs, you can be confident that both you and your new hires will be supported throughout the contract and beyond.

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