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Tom’s Australian adventure with Hobson Prior

Hobson Prior news / Monday 12 Jun 2017 / Peggy McGregor

In 2015, Tom moved from Hobson Prior’s London office to our Sydney office in Australia. He’s been enjoying hot summers, sandy beaches and excellent career progression ever since – read on for more about Tom’s international adventure, and how we supported him in making the leap.

How did you come across the opportunity to emigrate to Australia?

“I originally joined Hobson Prior at their London office in 2013. Having just graduated from university, I started off as a trainee recruitment consultant and was put on the company’s learning and development programme for new starters. This gave me skills in business development and relationship building, as well as a strong understanding of the life sciences industry. I became a fully-fledged recruitment consultant, specialising in quality assurance and engineering vacancies.

I saw an opportunity to move to Australia with my girlfriend and gain an international experience.

I was still thoroughly enjoying my job when, in 2015, my girlfriend had to return to her home in Australia. As luck would have it, Hobson Prior had an office in Sydney, and I saw there was an opportunity to go with my girlfriend and gain international experience. I knew a few friends who had lived in Australia, and they had great things to say about the lifestyle and culture there.

I quickly got in touch with the Sydney office’s business manager. Explaining my situation, I asked if she thought there was an opportunity for me to join their team. She was really keen on the idea, and gave me insight into the huge potential to grow the business over there. Spurred on by her enthusiasm, I formally applied for an internal transfer. After interviewing with senior staff in the UK and Australia, I was offered a recruitment consultant role in the Sydney office.”

How did you feel about making the move?

“I was delighted, but also very nervous – moving half-way across the world was a big gamble and meant I had to leave family, friends and colleagues behind. I would be setting up a new life in a new country, as well as meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time! Nevertheless, I was excited to explore what the country had to offer; it felt like an opportunity I just had to take.

Moving half-way across the world was a big gamble, but Hobson Prior supported me every step of the way.

Hobson Prior gave me an extra two weeks leave to help me pack up my life in London, take the 22-hour flight to Sydney, and set myself up in my new home. This gave me ample time to acclimatise and get over the jet lag. Joining my new team was a great experience – everyone was very supportive and welcoming, and I was able to fit in and pick up the work quickly.”

Mountaneering in Australia   Tom and Jake   The Sydney Bridge

What’s life in Australia like?

“I have now lived in Australia for two years and absolutely love it. It offers everything I want: scorching summers, proximity to the beach in almost every city, great food and a friendly culture. People here are very welcoming and outgoing, and their active, outdoors lifestyle suits me perfectly.

Australia offers everything I want - scorching summers, beaches and friendly people.

I’ve found working in Australia to be quite different from the UK. The market is a lot smaller and business relationships tend to be less transactional and more personal. Meeting in person is more common, and this allows me to get to know my candidates and clients really well. My career has really flourished here: I’ve progressed from recruitment consultant to business manager, so that I now head up the Sydney team. Hobson Prior has supported me every step of the way, and I have regular monthly catch-ups with the managing director to help me make the most of my abilities and opportunities.”

Would you recommend relocating aboard?

“I would absolutely recommend an international career move to anyone with an interest. I think that experiencing a new environment, culture and working style is one of the best ways to develop yourself as a person. Meeting new people and seeing how they work has been really eye-opening, and has helped me improve my own way of working. Ultimately, the move has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and by doing so has made me a more confident and adaptable person.

Of course, it helps to have the support of a good employer. Hobson Prior provides the career opportunities of an international organisation, while retaining the fun, ‘small company’ team environment that I enjoy so much. Hard work and initiative are valued and rewarded here, and there’s no shortage of opportunity or flexibility when it comes to your career progression.”

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Hobson Prior news / Monday 12 Jun 2017 / Peggy McGregor