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Case study: Departing from Dublin to Belgium

Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Posted: 06/11/2019

The situation

Our candidate, a Dublin-based data manager, was working for a company located close to his home. He wanted to work for a leading pharmaceutical organisation and build on his project management experience and the limited opportunities in Dublin meant he was considering relocating overseas.

We had previously helped two of his colleagues find overseas roles so he got in touch with us to discuss his requirements.

He was willing to relocate, but only for the right company, role and location. He didn’t speak any other languages so it had to be somewhere he could integrate with other English speakers and travel back to Ireland to see friends and family on a regular basis. The search was made more difficult by the fact that opportunities within data management were limited; the majority of DM had been outsourced to non-EU countries and when a position did arise in Europe, the competition was fierce.

Hobson Prior solution

Using our EU network, we identified and proactively targeted a job at a major pharmaceutical company in Belgium that had an excellent reputation for data management and an open role involving an element of project management.

Being in a remote location, they often recruited from other EU countries and subsequently created a multi-cultural working environment with many English speakers. We had already placed candidates there from the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy and their feedback had been excellent.

We relayed this back to our candidate and before submitting his CV, we ensured the transport links to and from Dublin were possible and arranged for him to speak to an in-country management company to ensure a move would be financially viable.

The result

We worked closely with our candidate to ensure any relocation queries he had were answered swiftly, facilitating conversations with those within Belgium. It was imperative to us that he felt confident to progress and explored various options.

Once 100% sure that all his requirements would be met, we contacted the hiring manager and arranged a one-stage interview. Our candidate was offered and accepted immediately and is now thoroughly enjoying living and working in Belgium.

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