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Case study: Finding a new job after a mis-sold role

Charlotte Mears our consultant managing the role
Charlotte Mears our consultant managing the role
Posted: 06/11/2019

The situation

It is frustrating when you start a new job, but it doesn’t live up to the vision you were sold throughout the interview process. We were approached by a job seeker who was experiencing exactly this; she’d joined a CRO for a permanent position, but the job she’d accepted wasn’t living up to expectations.

Having just undergone an arduous job search, she turned to Hobson Prior to help her find a job that lived up to expectation.

Hobson Prior solution

The first thing Hobson Prior did was introduce her to a recruiter that specialised within her area of biometrics. This way, she could talk in detail about her niche, knowing the recruiter she was working with not only understood the terminology, but had a network of connections within her sector.

After an initial call with our biometrics team, we understood that she was she enjoyed working on varied projects, but wanted to work directly for a pharmaceutical company rather than through a CRO. She was also starting to think about her retirement, but didn’t want this to slow down her working life.

We suggested that she think about contracting opportunities as these would give her the diversity she wanted and meant she could continue working with various pharmaceutical companies before her retirement.

Having recently been disappointed by her the permanent job she’d just accepted, she was excited about the opportunities contracting may supply her.

The result

By understanding her requirements and utilising our connections within the industry, we were able to identify opportunities not yet released. Her years of experience and desirable skillset were well received, and we were able to supply her with several roles at pharmaceutical companies that would provide her with the diverse and exciting projects she was looking for.

She accepted a 12-month contract at a leading global pharmaceutical company, with a higher pay rate than she’d asked for, where she is still happily working.

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