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Case Study - Working in the background to find the perfect job

Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Antony Serrecchia our consultant managing the role
Posted: 31/10/2019

The situation

Like many of our network, one of our recent candidates was not actively seeking new employment when he came across Hobson Prior. Although happy with his current position, he would prefer a job with more work-life balance and a shorter commute. He didn’t have time to look for a new job and was able to manage with his current situation. However, if the right opportunity came up, he would consider a career change.

Hobson Prior solution

We approached him to find out more about his current working situation. Although initially sceptical as he wasn’t actively looking for work, he briefly explained to Antony Serrecchia, one of Hobson Prior’s biometrics specialist recruiters, what his ideal scenario would be: somewhere closer to home that would allow him to spend more time with his family and less time commuting across Switzerland.

Having placed candidates across Switzerland, Antony identified a few companies that would severely reduce the commute, however, none had any open positions. They agreed that Antony would keep an eye out for relevant positions, while the candidate carried on with his daily life, without being harassed with irrelevant roles, which he’d experienced with other agencies.

As Hobson Prior develop strong recruitment partnerships with our clients, Antony was able to contact hiring managers directly to find out what roles may be upcoming in these companies, giving us exclusive insight before the jobs were posted live.

A few months passed and Antony was working with one of our exclusive Swiss pharmaceutical clients based in Switzerland, when he came across an unreleased project that would require someone with the level of experience our candidate had. Antony got the details of the role and passed them on to our thrilled candidate.

The result

He asked Antony to represent him and send forward his CV and succeeded in securing the job.

He was grateful for not only being able to shorten his commute, but also for how Antony went above and beyond to keep him in mind and source opportunities without interrupting his life.

We take pride in getting to understand what our candidates are looking for in their next career step. Antony only contacted him with relevant roles based on what he was actually looking for, enabling our candidate to find his ideal job without even having to look.



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