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Case Study: Sourcing candidates for a rapid expansion in a remote location

Christopher Wise our consultant managing the role
Christopher Wise our consultant managing the role
Posted: 31/10/2019

The situation

Due to the commercial success of one of our clients, their production output almost tripled. They needed to expand their team of 6 biologics downstream process scientists to 11 scientists within two months. Downstream process scientists are in high demand and our client was concerned that their site’s location was not as desirable as some of the other opportunities in this field. The company was struggling to source the best talent and attract them to relocate for their project.

Hobson Prior solution

The client was a global pharmaceutical company that had worked with us on other projects before.

We already had an established database of downstream process scientists our recruiters had proactively been building over the years.

As well as this database, our consultants actively headhunted downstream process scientists, including recommendations from our existing network. Exceptional people know exceptional people and our candidates trust our recruiters’ reputation so are willing to introduce us to experienced and desirable professionals we may not have in our international database.

Through a mixture of targeted headhunting and referrals, we were able to engage 50 relevant scientists within 3 days.

With much competition for their skillsets, the next challenge was to convince them to relocate to a new city, which the company had found to be off-putting during their internal recruitment.

The result

Hobson Prior was able to place 4 out of the 5 roles, with 9 CVs submitted within one week of posting the position. All 4 were offered a position after the first interview.

A large part of the success of this recruitment solution was due to the skill and ability of Hobson Prior’s consultants to effectively and passionately promote the company and its expanding projects.

Hobson Prior recruiters work closely with our clients to ensure we can best represent your visions and culture as brand ambassadors.

Impressed with our ability to promote and fill positions for such a competitive market, the client has since called upon Hobson Prior to aid with their second round of expansion and continues to use us as part of their ongoing aggressive growth plans.

Hobson Prior Interim Recruitment 

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