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Case Study: Staffing a new lab with bioprocessing scientists from our international network

Elliot Tiffin our consultant managing the role
Elliot Tiffin our consultant managing the role
Posted: 20/07/2022

The situation

A growing biotechnology company was looking for scientists with skillsets in downstream and upstream processing to help launch their newly funded lab. The type of scientist they needed was in high demand across the industry, but the number of qualified candidates was limited.

It was the investment company supporting their projects that recommended Hobson Prior, based on our previous experience in sourcing and headhunting senior candidates with rare skill sets in competitive markets.

Hobson Prior solution

After an initial briefing with the biotechnology company’s team, it was made clear that they needed their new hire to aid in their expansion and therefore would need to have proven experience in leading and developing their own teams and demonstratable leadership skills.

Having created a candidate profile based on this briefing, our technical operations recruiters began headhunting internationally. With the skillset required being so niche, it was important that we had a wide scope in order to submit candidates that would be beneficial to the business’s aims.

By utilising our advanced recruitment technology, we were able to identify suitable candidates and engaged our broad network of upstream and downstream specialists to gather referrals that would suit the profile for this role. We submitted candidates and oversaw the international interview process to ensure both our client and the candidate were prepared and had all the information required.

Knowing the wider business’s aim was for greater expansion of the team and the opening of new labs, we discussed a bespoke recruitment solution, where we would continue to source candidates for the types of niche roles they were looking to fill as part of this expansion. We would develop candidate pools for faster effective candidate sourcing, through a pricing structure based on the volume that would better suit their internal recruitment budgets. 

The result

Following a successful interview process, they hired a senior candidate to lead the project. This scientist has continued to develop their role and has since been promoted to Principal Scientist and is now leading a team.

Since first working with Hobson Prior, the company has launched two more labs and relied on Hobson Prior to place 6 more highly skilled, niche senior positions, enabling them to further their delivery and growth plans.

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