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Case Study: Using video interviews to fill six challenging technician roles

James Inwood our consultant managing the role
James Inwood our consultant managing the role
Posted: 31/10/2019

A client with unusual requirements

A biotechnology company had six vacancies with an unusual requirement: it needed GMP technicians who could help develop a brand new manufacturing facility, before assuming standard technician responsibilities once the facility had been audited.

On top of this, the vacancies presented several other challenges:

Candidates were required to have both ATMP and asceptic technique qualification experience, both of which can be hard to find
Candidates would need to be comfortable working in a class C cleanroom (which involves strict measures to prevent contamination, such as wearing protective garments).

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the development project, the technicians needed to be working within three months

The strategy behind video interviewing

We sent two senior consultants from our engineering and production team for an on-site meeting with the client. Here, we learnt more about the company’s direction and how the GMP technicians would fit into it. We then provided expert advice on process, job description and salary, using our market knowledge to create a robust strategy that would overcome the above challenges.

Part of this strategy was to make use of our video interviewing capabilities via HireVue (a leading platform used by top brands such as Vodafone, Nike and Random House). We knew that HireVue would be four times as fast as phone interviews, helping us meet our client’s deadline without compromising on the quality or quantity of candidates. Furthermore, being able to see body language would help us determine enthusiasm and drive, which were of great importance to our client.

Twenty interviews in under seven hours

Having defined the roles in detail, we provided the client with a comprehensive proposal outlining our search and screening methods. We also involved the client in designing the HireVue interview; at their request, we recorded custom questions with our in-house filming equipment.

We started the search within our existing talent pools, which our recruitment consultants proactively develop and nurture. This enabled us to quickly shortlist several suitable candidates and generate referrals. We then identified leads within similar ATMP companies, using our advanced headhunting skills to reach these individuals by phone. By effectively communicating the unique selling points of the role – including the chance to gain rare, valuable experience of setting up a new facility – we were able to source five out of the six successful candidates via headhunting.

In just over two weeks, we found twenty suitable candidates and got them to complete the HireVue interview. The client was able to watch and evaluate all twenty interviews in less than seven hours. In other words, we saved them 15 hours of work by using HireVue instead of phone interviews.

Having received the client’s feedback via HireVue, we immediately produced a visual analysis of the scores to aid them in creating a shortlist. We then arranged face-to-face interviews for the nine shortlisted candidates.

The on-site interviews took surprisingly little time. The client found they didn’t need a whole hour, since candidates had already answered their custom questions via HireVue. As such, the client was able to give each person a site tour; this was a huge benefit for both parties and really helped ensure a good cultural fit.

Delivering excellent results

The client was delighted with the quality of our candidates, and we were able to fill all six vacancies on schedule. But our support didn’t stop there: we obtained professional references and advised on on-boarding to ensure a smooth transition.

Impressed with our ability to deliver results, the client immediately asked Hobson Prior to work in another role, this time as a QC Microbiologist. Once again, our recruitment consultants delivered an excellent service, submitting three candidates to interview and successfully filling the vacancy.

You can learn more about our video interviews here. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your recruitment needs with one of our specialists.

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