Our Executive Solution

Welcome to Hobson Prior Executive

Hobson Prior’s executive search service offers a more thorough and advanced approach to traditional contingency recruitment.

What is executive search?

Hobson Prior’s executive search service invests in proactive headhunting, designed to find candidates for specialist niches and senior positions that require a more focused and detailed search. We target market-leading professionals already working in the industry ensuring we source the highest quality candidates to match your niche job specification.

Who is executive for?

Our executive search service is an ideal recruitment solution for businesses that:

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Require specifically specialised, hard-to-find or in-demand candidates.

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Have difficulty keeping their recruitment processes effective and up-to-date.

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Have limited internal hiring resources that struggle to cope with peaks in workload.

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Need a reliable recruitment solution across multiple sites and countries.

Flexible pricing options

Our services and pricing options are highly customisable; we’ll work with you to create a tailored package to suit the individual needs of your business and situation. We can offer set period retainer; ideal when you need on-going support and successful, long-term recruitment strategy, as well flat fees based on skill-level and volume rebate.

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