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Hobson Prior's life sciences executive search service offers a more comprehensive alternative to traditional contingency recruitment, specifically tailored for the realm of life sciences.

Innovation in the life sciences is empowered by the right people, specifically, the right leaders.

Hobson Prior’s executive search service offers a more thorough and advanced approach to traditional contingency recruitment for senior, executive and C-level positions.

In the dynamic landscape of life sciences, where precision and expertise are a top priority, our executive search service is specifically designed to identify and attract top-tier talent. We understand the unique demands of the life sciences industry and leverage our extensive network and cutting-edge strategies to connect you with exceptional professionals who align seamlessly with your organisation’s goals.

What is Life Sciences Executive Search?

Hiring for senior leadership and board level positions requires a specialised and dedicated approach. Built on over 20 years of market knowledge and experience, you’ll benefit from a targeted process working with the Hobson Prior client services team to identify and recruit leaders that will drive value across your business. Hobson Prior’s executive search service provides targeted headhunting for leaders within the market, specifically those within niche specialisms within life sciences.

Core benefits

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Effective Candidate Screening

Minimise the chance of hiring mistakes by carefully screening candidates in our life sciences executive search process.

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Niche Skill Focus

Our executive search focuses on rare skills and niche experiences, ensuring your leadership team is composed of uniquely qualified professionals in the life sciences industry.
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Accurate Employer Branding

Collaboration on impactful employer branding that best represents your company in a competitive market.
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Efficient Contact Point

A single point of contact, facilitating an efficient recruitment process to enhance your executive search.

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Scalable Recruitment

A scalable recruitment model for ongoing hiring support as your teams grow.
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Global Compliance Support

A global search and international compliance support, enhancing your life sciences executive search to expand into new countries.

Life Sciences Industry Experts

Hobson Prior works exclusively in life sciences recruitment. You’ll be supported by recruiters that cover executive search solutions for specific niches within the industry; many of whom have worked within the industry themselves.

With over 20 years’ experience, following market trends and recruitment demands, we know where to find the right executives with the skillsets you need and can advise on market trends impacting your sustainable recruitment to ensure you stay competitive within the competitive hiring market.

Building your Teams?

Need to build full departments or expand into new territories? Simplify your recruitment process for large hiring projects. Hobson Prior’s cross-functional support means you can hire qualified experts across various areas of life sciences development in a scalable recruitment process. Hire across various specialist roles, including clinical research, regulatory affairs and medical communications with a single point of contact.

Expand into new international locations with our global workforce solutions and compliance. Ensure your vacancies are visible to the professionals that will bring value to your teams. Hobson Prior can advise on employer branding and represent your company to specialist professionals through a scalable recruitment process outsourcing solution so you can establish your company’s reputation in a new location.

Flexible pricing options

Our services and pricing options are highly customisable; we’ll work with you to create a tailored package to suit the individual needs of your business and situation. We can offer a set period retainer; ideal when you need ongoing support and a successful, long-term recruitment strategy, as well flat fees based on skill level and volume rebate.

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