Attracting top talent in life sciences

Download our guidebook to find out how your life sciences business can appeal to top candidates

The life sciences recruitment market has a reputation for being competitive. Many skilled workers are hard sought after on a global level, which can be problematic in an industry that focuses on rare or hard-to-come-by scientific niches.

Whether a globally renowned life sciences company or an emerging start-up within the industry, attracting the best talent is crucial to success.

What’s included in our guide to attracting top talent?

This guide covers some of the core areas of candidate attraction and how life sciences companies can explore ways to encourage leading professionals in the industry to consider working with them, including:

What matters most to candidates?

Based on a survey we conducted with life sciences professionals and how they ranked the factors that impact their decision to choose a job

Company culture

What is employer branding and how companies are using this to promote the benefits and culture of their business to prospective candidates

Career progression

The importance of a transparent career pathway and how your company can attract and retain candidates by promoting how your company thinks about their career development

The hiring process

How to impress candidates and maximise the interview process as a way to promote the benefits of working within your team

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