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Tudor’s American dream

Hobson Prior news / Wednesday 28 Jun 2017 / Peggy McGregor

In 2014, Tudor joined Hobson Prior as a trainee recruitment consultant at one of its UK offices. Three years later, he was given the chance to set up and run the company’s first US office. We spoke to Tudor to learn about his quick progression, and see what it’s like to set up shop in a new country.

How have you managed to progress so quickly?

“When I graduated from university in 2012 I started working at a marketing agency, but soon found the work didn’t match my ambition. I decided to pursue a job in the recruitment industry and came across Hobson Prior. As luck would have it, an old friend of mine was working there. After chatting with him, I felt confident that the business would provide the promotion opportunities I sought.

This belief turned out to be well founded: at Hobson Prior, the speed of your progression is determined by merit rather than length of service, and you’re given everything you need to become successful. With the support of my managers and the training programme, I went from trainee to the top of the consulting ladder in less than three years. I became the company’s second highest biller and managed a team of four consultants. It was fantastic to see my hard work directly resulting in promotions and increased earnings.”

When did you secure the opportunity to set up a new office?

“Being an ambitious and successful company, Hobson Prior had already established offices across the UK, Switzerland and Australia, and in 2016 it set its sights on the USA. In a presentation to all employees, the managing director explained the opportunities this market presented. “And this creates an opportunity for one of you,” he said.

He said: “Someone sitting in this room will grow our business in America”.

Opening an office from scratch was something I had always dreamed of doing. Thanks to Hobson Prior’s meritocratic culture, I had the chance to do it, despite being just 27 years old. I applied for the role and was asked to present a business plan – including location, strategy and targets – to the managing director and other senior staff. My presentation was well received, and I was told I would be taking the business to America.”

Harbour in Boston    Snowing in Boston    Beautiful sites in Boston

Were you nervous about it?

“Securing the role was scary, but incredibly exciting. I would be uprooting my whole life and leaving family and friends behind, but I recognised that this was a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Furthermore, I had always enjoyed visiting the USA and I could see myself enjoying life in Boston.

I felt a bit scared, but also incredibly excited. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I knew that I was taking on a huge challenge, but I was confident that Hobson Prior would support me at every step. Sure enough, the business organised the visa process, provided a generous relocation package, and invited my partner and me on a preliminary trip to Boston to find accommodation. I also received plenty of mentoring and training from a variety of people within Hobson Prior and its parent company, ICS.”

What’s it like running the US office?

“Hectic, but very enjoyable! Everyday there is something new to try out, and I love the variety and excitement of it all. That said, I’ve learnt just how important it is to plan ahead and manage time well. It’s been a steep learning curve, but it’s immensely satisfying to know I’ve developed the business in a brand new location, and I look forward to gaining more experience as we expand.

My team makes everything easier – we have a great atmosphere in the office.

"I take great pride in the team that I’ve grown: we have a fantastic atmosphere in the office, and their enthusiasm makes everything easier. I still receive lots of support from the UK team too, who are always happy to give advice and refer clients. Furthermore, ICS’s finance and legal teams have helped us navigate complex law and regulations in the US, and the marketing team has provided us with a variety of collateral to support sales.”

What sets Hobson Prior apart from other employers?

“There is so much opportunity to grow and develop here. You’re set achievable targets and given comprehensive training to help you meet them. Employees are rewarded for the work they put in and the results they achieve, so progression is based on merit rather than age, level or background. You can even shape career opportunities for yourself; if you indentify a new market for example, you’ll be listened to and supported. Ultimately, Hobson Prior gives you control over the speed and direction of your own career progression.”

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Hobson Prior news / Wednesday 28 Jun 2017 / Peggy McGregor