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Analytical and Purification Scientist

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

  • Salary: £125 per day (£33k per annum)
  • Job type: Interim/Contract
  • Posted: 17/06/2019
  • Contact name: Christopher Wise
  • Contact number: 01892 612612
  • Ref: 4436

Job description

Initial 1 year contract, full time, with option to extend


Relatively fresh grad – some analytical experience (1 – 2 years exp) someone who maybe did a sandwich course
Chromatography, NMR Mass Spec would be a great advantage
Growing Role with lots of development and working with a very knowledge team
Keen to learn and work in a team – working alongside established members
To be considered for perm opportunities (internal candidates are considered over external in this area).

Working with a direct team of ~5, with another 5 in other areas.

This role will initially be chromatography, with development into NMR and Mass Spec.
Cross projects support – Working on Oncology Chemistry – Analytical method development – equipment monitoring etc

Successful candidates expected to be the Lab 5 days per week


Analytical and Purification Scientist: 

As an Analytical and Purification Scientist, you will be part of a team of highly motivated analytical and structural chemists contributing to the design, quality, structural and physical chemistry profiling of new Chemical Entities. As a member of the Analytical and Structural Chemistry team, you will be closely working with synthetic, medicinal and computational chemists to progress Chemistry objectives in projects at various stages of drug discovery.
You will be specifically responsible for carrying out analysis and purification to support synthesis of new chemical entities. You will be delivering solutions through hands-on experimentation, ensuring critical large-scale purifications and compound quality Certificate of Analysis are delivered to agreed timelines. Furthermore, the role holder will be responsible for developing analytical chiral and achiral chromatographic separations using state-of-the-art SFC and HPLC instrumentation.
You will be expected to have effective levels of communication and scientific drive, co-ordinating effectively with the other members of the analytical and synthesis teams to drive project progression.

Responsibilities of the role:
• Implement innovative analytical and purification solutions to enable chemical synthesis of small to medium size molecules.
• Deliver hands on analytical and purification studies
• Deliver chemical stability studies with LC/SFC- MS techniques
• Maintain OA facilities (LCMS, and RP-HPLC)
• Deliver technology, process and infrastructure improvements to develop analytical and structural chemistry automation.
• Contribute to a vibrant and entrepreneurial organization focused on innovation & project delivery; collaborating closely with scientists across the discovery organization.
• Enhance business reputation internally and externally through peer-reviewed publications and oral/poster presentations.
• Participate in Discovery activities such as SHE, training, recruitment etc.

Skills and experience:
MS/BS in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry or Physical Chemistry and/or successful experience obtained in a pharmaceutical and/or chemical industry.
• Good knowledge of key analytical and purification techniques (chromatography, NMR and MS). Use knowledge to assess options available and delivered robust scientific contributions to synthesis projects.
• Knowledge and hands on experience of analytical and preparative HPLC and SFC techniques
• Experience with the operation and maintenance of LCMS, HPLC and/or SFC hardware and related software.
• Pronounced ability to work in multidisciplinary team / project / function and with outsourcing partners.
• Excellent communication and stakeholder skills, and the ability to discuss complex ideas in a simple, easy to understand way
• Consistently demonstrates appropriate tenacity (good balance between problem solving & critical information seeking, awareness of project priorities) in project problem solving.
• Excellent time management skills, forward planning and delivery focus, leading to good team working and a high level of self and team delivery.
• Strong prioritization skills to ensure project delivery
• Ability to operate positively within a team working environment.