IR35 Support

Are you prepared for IR35?

The changes to IR35 will require businesses to take responsibility for determining whether their on-site contractors fall within or outside of scope. Hobson Prior has collaborated with award-winning IR35 experts to provide a solution that simplifies, centralises and enhances this IR35 status determination process.

The biggest complaint from contractors during preparations for IR35 was that they felt their individual circumstances were not taken into account, particularly when companies made blanket decisions to consider all contractors as in-scope.

The Hobson Prior Status Determination Service makes it fast and simple to engage contractors and the elements that will determine their status under IR35. Plus, we can support you in ensuring future vacancies have accurate descriptions regarding IR35.

More than an algorithm 

  • Hobson Prior’s IR35 Status Determination Service provides:

  • • Coverage of all determination factors on a case-by-case basis
  • • Full audit and reporting on results, their progress and each element impacting a determination
  • • Determinations backed by award-winning IR35 experts and support on borderline cases
  • • Insurance protected determinations covered by Zurich
  • • Reduced discrepancies and better contractor relations

56% of businesses do not feel prepared for the new rules regarding IR35

Lessons were learnt from 2020?

Vice President of Global Client Services, Elliot Tiffin, has worked with many of our clients on their IR35 preparations ahead of April 2021.

He shares the lessons they learned in 2020 to ensure a smooth transition.

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What are contractors' concerns?

Companies not seeming to consider their contractors during their preparation led to an increase in IR35 status disputes.

Interim Biometrics Team Lead, Mike Masoomi, highlights the three messages our contractors are telling us about IR35 and its impact on them.

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What are the factors for determining status under IR35?

Nicola Biddlecombe, Global Contracts and Compliance Manager at Hobson Prior, runs through the determination factors, as well as some of the additional factors that may impact a determination.

Understanding IR35 

This fact sheet will provide you with key information regarding the changes to help you best prepare for the 6th April 2021 deadline.

Including an overview of the core changes and which parties are liable, guidance in making a status determinations and your IR35 preparation checklist.

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