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A distinctive company culture

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We have a distinctive company culture at Hobson Prior that sets us apart from other employers:

We’re competitive, but united

You’ll find that we’re competitive and supportive in equal measures. We all work hard to win a place on the next incentive trip, but we also thrive on each other’s success. Furthermore, you can ask anyone for advice and receive it, and we’ll always cheer you on if you’re having a tough day. Our shared vision for the future ensures we work together to strengthen our company and our own careers in the process.

We work hard and play hard

We’re incredibly motivated to succeed, and so we work hard to achieve our goals. We also take professionalism seriously, and pride ourselves on being efficient, knowledgeable and smart. But we always get rewarded for a job well done – and whether it’s a trip abroad, team-building day or drinks on a Friday evening, we love to socialise and have fun as a team. Learn more about rewards here.

Individualism is valued here

We all have our own strengths, and at Hobson Prior we’re able to build on these through flexible training and career paths. Our dedicated training manager spends one-on-one time with every trainee, and tailors the Learning and Development programme to allow them to progress at their own pace. Furthermore, you’ll find there’s lots of opportunity here to develop your career in the direction you choose. Learn more about career progression here.

We give back

Raising money for charity is an important team activity here; in fact, we have charity ambassadors to organise regular fundraisers. In the past few years, we’ve climbed Mount Snowdon, hiked 26 miles across the South coast, competed in a charity football match and skydived from 12,000 feet – and that’s just to name a few!

We’re empowered

We’re all involved in making decisions that shape the way our business operates. If you have an idea – whether it’s to enter a new market, change a process or target a new company – you’ll be listened to. We’re also regularly asked for feedback on Hobson Prior’s performance as an employer, which is considered carefully and frequently acted upon.

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